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2023~ Tama Art University, M.F.A.,Media Arts

2023  Musashino Art University,B.F.A.,Interaction Design


2016 Genron Chaos*Lounge New Art School 1st generation achievement exhibition, Teiya Iwabuchi Award

Game Releases

2023 "Umwelt!" HIHAHEHO Studio

2022 "The Hug Game" HIHAHEHO Studio


Solo Exihibitions

2018 "(circle),"  Outenin, Osaka,JP

2017 "gdb/000," Online
2017 "gdb/042," Turner Gallery, Tokyo,JP 

2017 "gdb/001," Gallery Small View, Tokyo, JP 
2015 "I'm here," Design Festa Gallery WEST 1-A,Tokyo,JP

Collective Exhibitions 

2023 "TUB Showing2023," TUB, Tokyo, JP

2023 "Graduation exhibition 2023 at Musashino Art University," Musashino Art University, Tokyo, JP

2019 "Non human theater festival," House in Nakacho, Tokyo, JP

2019 "Tokyo Independent 2019," Chinretsukan of Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo, JP

2016 "SOUNDsGARDEN,"Hall of the Faculty of Music, Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo,JP

2016 "先制第一撃, Genron Chaos*Lounge New Art School 1st generation achievement exhibition," Genron, Tokyo, JP

2016 "OKMR's Friends," DESK/okumura, Tokyo, JP


Selected Events and Talk

2023/8 ”芸術談義の宴," siraph Membership-only videos on YouTube

2023/3 ”雑談散歩," "*.augmt" Research Production Exhibition 2023 by Tama Art University Graduate School of Interaction Design, BankArt KAIKO, Kanagawa,JP

2016/2 "no title," Bar HANA,Tokyo,JP


2022 "Connecting Society and Art," Online

2022 "Unity & Blender Course," Online


2023 mgr allergen0024, "花の在りか" Serialized in "Monthly Comic Beam,"Serialized from the June 2023 issue.

2022 HIHAHEHO Studio, AUTOMATON Feb 25,2022

2021 mgr allergen0024,"OmOtenOurate vol.1" Kamenya Omote Publishing, Nov 1,2021




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